Unique hand crafted Cheese, Grazing Boards, Platters ideal for Corporate gifts, presents made from sustainably sourced timber

Unique, handcrafted, custom made wooden cheese boards, grazing boards, serving boards, Ikebana Vases and coat racks for sale Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria

[ About Us - our story ]

[wuhn] and only wood & resin was born out of a passion and love for creating unique and beautiful pieces that are functional and to be used and admired for years to come. The dream began with a workshop of wood and resin, at a local studio in Bayswater, Melbourne, having created a bespoke piece during this workshop, the inspiration and passion grew. Finding a partner who was equally enthusiastic allowed the dream to continue in creating stunning Cheese Boards and Grazing Boards.

Inspiration in finding functionality out of all the timber we use, has enabled us to extend our product offering to: Ikebana Vases, Mini Platters, Wall Mounted Coat Racks and Wooden Coaster Sets, Knives Sets. We are also open to creating custom pieces and enquires can be made at info@wuhnandonly.com.au.

We invite you to view our range of bespoke wooden cheese, grazing, serving boards and wall mounted coat racks.

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[ About the wood ]

All of the timber we use has been sustainably sourced from reputable Australian suppliers, who also source some interesting species from around the world. Our wood has been chosen because of its characteristics, colour and [wuhn] and only, unique wood grain. Click here for more information about the types of wood we use.

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[ About the Resin ]

We use only the best quality epoxy resin, that sets hard and has a glass like clear finish. Cured resin is contact food safe. When used as directed, cured resin will not leach any substances into the food that comes into contact with it. However, you should always avoid cutting into resin as it will scratch the surface.

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[ About the Oil ]

Each piece has been sanded and oiled as a labour of love, using only the best quality oils and beeswax. Depending on the timber’s features, we like to use a variety of medical, pharmaceutical and food grade oils, such as lemon oil, olive oil or mineral oil to bring out the natural characteristics of each individual piece.